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Mon Jul 22, 2024 Afternoon (17 HST) MKWC Forecast Graphical Summary
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The forecast graphics displays all the variables (cloud cover/height, odds on fog/precipitation, summit temperature, precipitable water, and winds) outlined in the latest forecast table. The odds on fog and precipitation have their seperate bars, although the precipitation bar is overlayed on the fog bar. The cloud cover bar shows a percent range (that does not include fog), which is shown in gray. Cloud height is displayed in light blue within the subplot and corresponds to the height above sea level. The temperature forecast is simply plotted, and should be within 1 oC of that value, while the precipitable water, seeing and wind speed forecast shows a range where each is expected to be between. Wind barbs are also plotted and are in knots.

Note: This graphic does not overlay 'Current and Past' forecasts, and selecting that option will reset the page to the 'Current Forecast'. Selecting the 'High Cloud Indicator' or 'Seeing/Instability' options will reset the page to the 'Key Summit Variables' option.